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The Program

The RECOVERY112 IOP program is structured on Best Practices and Evidenced Based Interventions such CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and M.E.T. (Motivational Enhancement Therapy) with Solution Focused interventions and approaches. The IOP program consists of Individual Counseling, Group Therapy (Process, Didactic, Psycho-Educational) and Marital / Family Therapy. Our program is focused on Relapse Prevention while addressing core issues.

Case Management

Targeted case management gets back to the roots of a time honored social work paradigm that accounts for the various aspects of life that need to be in place for a person to feel a sense of happiness. Treatment providers are doing a good job at addressing therapeutic needs but often fall short in the planning of aftercare. Recovery 112 creates “support” plans that identify needs and match them with various community resources.

Support Services

RECOVERY 112 works with many local partners who also provide the highest level of quality services. We work with Sober Homes, Medical Doctors, and Psychiatrists, just to name a few. Additionally we assist with employment, fellowship, transportation, education and recreation. This helps to reduce the overwhelming feeling that can cripple early recovery and lead to relapse as a coping mechanism seeking to bring a person back to the safety of the treatment environment.

The Recovery 112 Difference

Improving upon treatment is no easy task, but with the ever-rising lethality rates of substance users in America, it is essential that we examine our practices and make the necessary changes to give each person suffering from the disease of addiction his or her best opportunity at success. Through years of experience in the field and dedicated service in the fellowship community, we at Recovery 112 have identified a few inconsistencies that are not being addressed for one reason or another. Primarily, few people relapse while in treatment. Treatment centers have worked diligently to offer structured and supportive environments at the PHP and residential levels of care. Clients are provided with comforts and privileges that make treatment preferable to struggling out in the community. It is often the case that clients who have successfully completed a program relapse once transitioned to the home environment or a lower level of care. Something is missing in the equation and we believe going a step further for the well-being of the client can make a lasting impact.

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Taking On Addiction One Day at A Time

Our Goal

Our main objective at Recovery 112 is to acclimate a person to a new life style. At the core of this philosophy stand the pillars of healthy habits, personal development and career goals. Each person is afforded the opportunity to better understand the factors that contribute to successful recovery, thus enabling he or she to fully appreciate the best version of one’s self. Knowing that they are living a life of fulfillment and pursuing their personal goals provides the underlying motivation for the courageous work.

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